Mincing Down The Aisle…..

Neither a friend , nor a relative
He too stood in the world I created
The door he opened was not in bright light
But, I did’nt know that would lessen my plight.

He challenged the passion and so the dream
A surprise there by knocked when i didnt scream
My face wore a frown , unconsciously not the heart
Unaware of the fact that one day he would be an integral part.

My fear never let me to accept my love
But my mind had set him to find my dove
In him, I view my colourful future
In him, I glimpsed my blured suitor.

The mind is with fear
But the head is held high
Now, a strength is there to redeem what’s queered
As, he has granted the damsel , wings to fly.

Oh! he be my best man is what I wish
To,hold my hand as I walk the carpet with swish
Not his look alike, but hid shadow
Will be waiting , as the chosen pharaoh.


My Mother,My God

A shadow of God, a soul of existence
She is the one road of my persistence
Giving life better than seven heavens
And standing by my every penance.

Little soft touches makes us realise
That stil this world is well and wise
Someone will dispell your pain
Without thinking of any gain.

You are the thought that starts every morning.
And with a smile judge our fake ride
The mind is blank and so are the eyes
And she adds the hand to our every flight.

Welcoming every new day with open arms
and comforting us from every harm
The foundation of life,the foundation of warmth.
           You are my mother
            so soft and strong
          In you I live, in you I dream
               You are my angel
                My God in beam.           


Some times in life you tend to face
Sometimes in war you lend a grace
Sometimes in peace you rest and
but,sometimes in life you only run to chase.

Sometimes the heart refuses to agree
Sometimes the mind diffuses due to destiny
Sometimes the eyes are wet due to failure
but,sometimes you only choose to be an achiever.

Sometimes in life you fall in love
Sometimes in life you loose in love
Sometimes in life you are someones’s dove
but,sometimes in life you are only dumped.

BUT,there are sometimes when you need someone
there are sometimes when you have everyone
To recognise that dove is the challenge of life
and to win that love is the price hence destined.